This site is dedicated to the building of a Scamp sailboat. Scamp is a design commissioned by the Small Craft Advisor magazine from the New Zealand boat designer John Welsford.


At this point, hundreds of Scamps have been built by others, mostly from a kit that is available, some from plans. I’m doing the latter. I have built 3 small boats previously, including another design by John Welsford called Tender Behind, which has a hull form very similar to the Scamp. My most recent boat was a Penobscot 14, designed by Arch Davis. For the most part these have been glued plywood construction. I also have considerable sailing experience and have worked as a professional carpenter and amateur woodworker and carver.

I don’t really intend to document every aspect of the building process as many do. I find it useful to look at others’ blogs on building, but frankly I’m just too lazy to do a photo shoot every time I complete a step. What I do intend to do here, however, is to discuss some of my design and construction methods for the possible benefit of others who may be facing the same or similar choices. In this way perhaps I can share some of my own experience and help others – even if the choices they ultimately make are different than my own.

I’ve allowed for comments on most of the pages, which are intended for questions or feedback on my build choices. I don’t really want to get into any debates, but I’m interested in useful dialog. If you want to rant, please do it in the Scamp forum.